Grid stack where I can add cells

(John McLachlan) #1

Hi all,

I’m creating a members directory - a small photo and a persons name. A grid seems like a nice idea, but I’ll be adding and removing people as time moves on - and most grid stacks I’v seen won’t reshuffle the whole grid if you add or remove someone.

Does anyone know if a grid stack that will re-shuffle everyone when you add or remove one of the cells?

(Or, if you have another idea how to add a member directory that’s one one long column…)

Thanks for any input

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(EricW) #2

I seem to recall that UsefullGrid from reshuffles. It is free, give it a try…

(Chris) #3

Maybe my autogrid stack is the layout tool you are looking for:


(Gary) #4

Use Poster stack from inStacks for this. It does all the reshuffling for you as you add and remove someone.