Has anyone bought from #yuzoolthemes lately

(Jannis from inStacks Software) #8

I know that he is currently on travel. I will double check with him.

(Chris Potter) #9

thank you

(Michael Frankland) #10

@CDIPOTTER I’ve just landed in rainy Manchester!

You sent this when I was in the air :airplane:

The payments are handled by Selz.com and you should have received an email (check the spam) but also after purchase you can download straight away. Also there’s a save to Dropbox option.

I’ll check and send you the link again but please bear in mind it’s saturday and might be later today or tomorrow until I can get to it.


(Chris Potter) #11

Thank you

I did this as I was talking with a client and was going to download load it to my Mac later from the email ( I have checked my spam), I bought your boost stack recently (it’s amazing) and had no problem. If you have a way to look up my email or name you will see I have bought a lot from you in the pass. I will always use the the link on the payment screen to avoid this in the future.

Thank you

Chris Potter

(Michael Frankland) #12

Just checked the records and looked like the email bounced!?!?

Sending you the download link now via Forum Message

Thanks for your patience Chris!

(Chris Potter) #13

thank you so much you rock !!!

(René Schaap) #14

I waited several times more than a month for a reply from them so this does not surprise me.

(LJ) #15

Nice guy indeed, but 5 days is no way to run business support. I have a similar issue right now with Yuzool’s RW/Writer blogs disappearing. Partly my fault because I missed part of the messages about RW/Writer accounts being deleted ‘at the next billing cycle’ but now have to wait around 10 days for it to be re-instated! Client is understandably not happy because their news blog in particular is really important to them. Moving to Wordpress instead.

However, frustrating as it is, it is not fair to simply blame Michael or other developers in a similar position. There is a bigger debate to be had about the cost of add-ons and plugins. Personally i would definitely pay more to know I’m not subject to the risks of a one-man band. With my own business (websites & hosting), it was a top priority to ensure I got someone else on board as soon as possible so that one of us is always available for support at short notice. It’s hard to do if you’re scrabbling around at the bottom of the market charging low prices.

There are so many however who complain about the cost of software that I guess the price gets driven down and one man band developers struggle to get any bigger. I’ve seen plenty of complaints about the cost of Rapidweaver, stacks and plug-ins, just as you get complaints about the cost of £2.50 apps on the App Store. Developers need to get a bit more respect and there needs to be more appreciation of the cost of running a proper business.

I have dealt with Michael on several occasions and he is very good and definitely a really nice guy (not to mention good ideas and products) I just wish Yuzool was a bit bigger!

(Chris Potter) #16

He got back to me the next day and fixed it (my fault) , and he did it with his kindness and understanding.

(Hans van Bergen) #17

After more the a week I’m still waiting for an answer from Yuzool to my mail and a solution for a serious problem with the Booking stack.

(Jannis from inStacks Software) #18

He is on travel between different time zones currently and will have a look.

Please check that you have installed the latest version of the booking stack.

(Willem) #19

It is taking too long to get any response. It would be better the charge more and give support and proper fixes (there are too often details missing and small annoying bugs). Or otherwise just throw in the towel and let other developers who are more motivated pick up the work.
The checkout stack is not supporting subscription quantities for instance and there is no urgency or response from Yuzool at all. Shame.

Great software development means that you have to deal with the details, great business development as well. The picture appears to be completely consistent.

(Jannis from inStacks Software) #20

If you have a solution how a “one-man-indie-developer-business” can do that if that “one-man” is on vacation without proper computer access, I am open to hear that. FYI: Employing someone else to do support is for 95% of developers not possible. If these would charge so much money to be able to do that, you wouldn’t buy products from them.

(Willem) #21

This is indeed an understandable and common dilemma. I feel for developers or any business people who fall into the “commodity” trap. The same dilemma you have as a one person show exists at every scale though. The only differences the speed at which it will take you out. I’ve owned 9 technology companies of which only one was a one man software module developer for a project management system. The rest were from 35-over 200 employees. I still remember that all the other developers were mad at me for selling a module for 750 dollars, where they never dared to sell anything above 35. I made great money provided an amazing module and gave great service. The other developers actually emailed me angry!!! amazing.

(Michael Lacy) #23

AMEN. I have bought from Michael for many years and will continue to do so well into the future. Two things I hate the most in the forums is doggy-piling, and incessant whining about how expensive everything is.

(Hans van Bergen) #24

I have the latest version of the Booking stack en of Rapidweaver as well.

(Jannis from inStacks Software) #25

Which Booking Stack version is that exactly?

(Hans van Bergen) #26

I have the latest automatic update via Rapidweaver v1.5.5.

The problem is when I disable the end date in the stack, the following parse error appears:

Parse error : syntax error, unexpected ‘)’ in /private/var/folders/3p/3ld_khfd02sfz083n5npwzvw0000gn/T/com.realmacsoftware.rapidweaver8/RapidWeaver/37588/document-0x6080003fba00/RWDocumentPagePreview/index.php on line 241

(Michael Frankland) #27

Solution is here:

Please download the Stack via the email update sent out or Automatic update via RapidWeaver ! :heart_eyes:

(system) #28

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