Have not received my Software after purchase

(Carmen Rivera) #1

I bought RapidWeaver 8 yesterday afternoon (10/12/18) and have not received any acknowledgment other than my credit card being charged. No software, no license, no email receipt, no acknowledgement from support. Perhaps my email may have a typo? How do I check on that to get to the bottom of this before I call my credit card company to deny the purchase?

(NeilUK) #2

On this page, there’s a license retrieval system. You could try entering your email address to see if you get your license.

(Carmen Rivera) #3

Yeah, did that. Nothing. Which makes me think it might be a case of email typo? Either way, i just want a response to my emails from realmac support to look into this. Nothing yet. I know its the weekend, but my support emails were sent Friday.

(Doug Bennett) #4

No need to post the same thing twice!

(David) #5

Have you checked to see if you got an email from Paddle? RMS uses them for their transactions.

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Fixed in this thread Still no software after purchase