Help Determining Theme Versions

Some Themes names include the installed version numbers, but many do not. How do I determine if my theme is up to date? Also, not all developers send out update email notices. Thanks!

You’ll want to open the Add-On Manager to check version numbers of themes:

Once you do that you’ll get a window like this, with version numbers below each of the addons:

Including the version number in the name of the theme is nice, but this can lead to a problem. When you change the name of the theme for an update RW will think it is a different theme. This means you can possibly lose the settings for your theme variations. This is why the version number is maintained separately from the theme name in a PLIST file, which is displayed in the Add-On Manager.


The Waterfall stack by Nimblehost provides version numbers as well, even for stacks that don’t update through it. Much more convenient than viewing through the add-on window.


That requires having a 3rd-party add-on though. The way I’ve outlined above will work straight out of the box without the need of a outside add-on.