Help needed - failing to open complex web site 5.4 or 6

I have no idea what has happened.

I have maintained a medium sized research group website for the last N years, and have kept it in RW 5.4. Today, after a couple of months lapse, I am told that my website can’t be loaded, that RW 5.4 uses a new format that is irreversible. I have tried loading the same site in RW6 (latest) to no avail. Basically, I am completely stuck, with no way to easily recover my web site (years and years of work!). Of course, I have applied all Apple updates in the meantime (not El Capitan).

I don;t understand why a non-upgraded RW 5.4 has stopped being able to load my site (some format grumbling)
How might I get my site into RW6, if I cannot load 5.4 to export it.

All help gratefully received

Site is


IIRC you need to upgrade 5.4 to 5.4.1 to be able to then open it in 6.

Thank you Dave, I recovered a version from a backup, and it seemed to open and function OK> So, I’m back to 5.4. However, I probably need to think about migration to 6. Big sigh of relief here! Rob

Just to be clear:

Open your site in Rapidweaver 5.4.1 and then SAVE IT (or save as) and then open it in Rapidweaver 6.

Thanks. I’ll do this, and make the tentative migration from a ‘comfy’ 5 to a neo-6! Rob