Help with Aptenon CSS display

(Sam Rini) #1

Trying to figure out why the exact code appears properly on one page in my site (NEAT theme page), and displays completely incorrectly on a second page in the site (Aptenon theme page).

Question: Is there something inherent in the Neat Theme that allows this code to display properly on the “Neat” page that is missing from the Aptenon page?

Take a look at the site below.

Home Page (Aptenon) Section of the page called “Features at a Glance”. Not displaying properly.
Features Page (Neat Theme) The same code on this page displays properly.

Anyone know how to make the code display properly on my Aptenon page?

Thank you.


(Rob Beattie) #2

I suspect it’s something in NEAT that allows this to happen.

Quickest way to find out is to try doing the same thing with a third theme. If it doesn’t work, then you have your answer. If it does, you’ve eliminated one more possible solution!