Help with modal and CSS [Solved]

I want to change the color for the modal text description. Now the only choice is dark, so the background has to be a light color to be readable. I prefer a dark background.
Also, when you open the modal to see the event description, there are some -p- and -br- for the changes of line. I’d like to get rid of these.

Could someone help me with this?

In this url there is an example of what I’m talking (September has an event to see this):

Thanks in advance.

If you need help with CSS, we’ll need to see the website where the issue is. Is the link you gave just an example of what you need, or the website with the issue?

It is the site with the issue, my apologies if I was not clear enough.

All I can see is this (image below). I can’t see any events or issues that you describe. I have checked other days for events, but can’t find any.

The background for the modal is set by using the Main Background Colour - see attached. Maybe @weavium can advise on some CSS to change the modal background independently?

You can go to September (septiembre), which has an event to see it.
These screenshots show what I’m talking about.

Yes, that’s what I’m looking for… or change the font color for the description (see screenshots from the above post).

Try this

.kalendar-event-modal-description p {
color: #FFF;
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@NeilUK It worked!!!
Thank you :wink:

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