Help with styling in FileSafe stack

I am running the FileSafe demo version with RW8 and Stacks 3.

I have set up the FileSafe Link stack as shown in the attached screenshot. In particular, under Download Type, I’ve selected “Form Style”. As a result, the download link displays as a button with the chosen display text “Download pdf”.

Now, my question is simply: how can one style this button? Currently, the button is in a generic font on a white rectangular background.

The tooltips that are displayed when hovering over the Stack Class and Stack ID fields under Settings (see attached screenshot) say that one can choose the field values “for styling purposes”. Likewise, hovering over the Button Class field (under Download Type) implies that one can style the button.

Unfortunately, this guidance is too technical/cryptic for me. Can someone give me a minimal working example to show how to achieve this button styling?

Many thanks!


It’s always easier to get help with styling things if you can provide a link to at least a test page. Not sure if you can publish with the demo version so that might not be possible.

I don’t have filesafe and the link on the product description webpage under “Examples” gets a 404. tagging @willwood.

Doug, sorry for not being more specific with my original request (I’m very much a newbie here). Over the last few days, I’ve received extensive help from the developer of FileSafe (Tom Bristol) and the developer of ButtonPlus2 (Andrew Tavenor). The solution(s) to my question (as well as the back-and-forth interaction with Andrew) can be found here.

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