Hopefully the last build before we ship on Tuesday, 14th

Hey Weavers,

So it looks like we had time for one more build. e.g. you guys found some more issues that had to be fixed before launch :wink:

Update in-app as usual or direct download here.

Here’s what’s new:

  • Fixed an issue with external resources not loading
  • Fixed an issue where favicons weren’t linked correctly
  • No longer remember privacy dismissal in app
  • Fixed some footer issues with Artful and Engineer themes
  • Fixed an issue with Mark All Pages as Changed/Unchanged from the File menu not working

If you encounter any bugs or issues, please email dan@realmacsoftware.com :slight_smile:

Happy Weaving ya’ll!

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Can this setting please be turned off by default?


I just spent 2 days blaming Typography.com for getting 403 errors loading their font css. Turns out it was this setting.

Ruh-oh! Yes will add that to the next build…

EDIT: Scrap that, it is off by default on new projects already — job done!

Doh. I should have tested that… thanks!

Not seeing the in app update… Running Version 8.0 (20045)

Might be DevMate “dicking around” again (that’s a British technical term btw), should show up eventually. If not direct d/l for you ma boy.

Can you share more detail on this please? This setting shouldn’t do that (unless typography.com are using the “Referer” header for something important, which would be pretty silly).

Not a release deal breaker, but the Future theme could do with some attention.
I would have used that for a site I’m building right now, till I spotted the flaws on mobile :

They are using the referrer for licensing to limit fonts to particular domains. TypeKit uses the same methods.

I see that you can right click on a theme to make it the default. Users will definitely ask where that preference has gone and why the preference has not been migrated.

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And, regarding themes, when opening the theme drawer, you only see the 5 RW8 themes. Maybe better to show all responsive / modern themes.

Double Clicked an RW8 project file with RW7 running and got this…


Yup, will get that fixed, thanks for the heads-up!

We wanted to give new users a better first impression by hiding some of the very old and very terrible themes, existing users will work out how to see all themes (I hope) :+1: