Hosting Considerations

Yesterday out of the nowhere my website went down hosted at as well as all sub-domains under the main domain.

The 800 number was busy all day & this morning. Moments ago via live chat I was given a different 800# and was told that my “server box was down” and that it would be another 24-48 hours on top of the existing 24 hours it has been down before it would be back up.

Clearly I need to move to another hosting service. But, so many are similar in their offerings. What should be my main consideration in choosing my next provider? Thanks in advance.

For me it was reliability. has been a VERY reliable server and Greg knows our RW product like the the back of his hand!

Highest recommendation!
Good Luck.
PS He also supports Green Hosting which is a big deal for me.


I use Chillidog as well. @barchard (Greg) has the best customer service.

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Chillidog @barchard

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Chillidog for me too…Greg @barchard is an absolute star, even for a complete ‘numpty’ like me


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