Hover Stack that stays hovered?

Hi all

Is there a hover stack that once someone hovers over it, it stays hovered?

Video might help https://youtu.be/no3Ibxynm6s

I am wanting to create a rating system… unfortunately, neither yabdabs backsnap nor stack-its rateit stack will do the job.

In essence I want the ability to have someone go to a webpage, hover over greyed out stars and they stay hovered, ie. stay light up from grey to gold. If they can somehow be un hovered by rehovering back over them better still.

The reason I need them to be images rather than one of the two mentioned purpose built stacks is so that I can assign unique links and classes to each star. So if someone selected two stars, I can send them to a hidden page and assign an action in a CRM. If they clicked three stars… I can send to a different page etc.

Other Solutions would be welcome!