How can I find references to missing remote files?

Some months ago I moved to a new NAS and copied a RW7 project from the old to the new NAS. I was under the impression that projects are self-contained but this obviously isn’t the case now that I am trying to resurrect it. I’m on RW 7.5.6 and am planning to move to 8 but don’t really want to risk the move until I’ve got this working again on 7.

When opening the project in Edit mode I can see its content, but when switching to preview mode RW fails with an error quoting the network location from the old NAS - so presumably there’s a reference in there somewhere to a resource on the NAS (my guess is an image). I’ve tried copying the project and gradually deleting pages to track this down without any luck.

Is there a method or RW facility which allow me to locate these references? If not then I don’t have much choice but to rebuild the project from scratch by pasting content back in to a new project - or do I?

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If you right click on your RW project file and choose ‘Show Package Contents’ you will see all the folders and files the project contains including everything in the resources folder. So everything should be there apart from any external links your site included.

If you open the project in RW8 it will create a new file separate from the RW7 file which will remain.

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