How do I buy "Pro"?

I’ve just got the demo of Squash and it does what I need, but I need to buy the Pro version as I want to add watermarks.

But, in the RM store there is no option to buy a pro version, just the standard version and a version with filters. I don’t need/want the filters.

So how do I buy Pro?

(I need to get this asap, job needs doing today, so @dan appreciate some help pronto please!)

You can get the standard licence here Squash Store

Ya, but in the app (demo version anyway) it says to use watermarks I need to “get pro”, but when you click “get pro” you arrive at the main squash page, where there is no mention of pro.


It’s probably just a misnomer. There are only 2 versions available. You just need the standard version for watermarking.

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Ah, brill, thanks.

EDIT: Yep, bought and all good, thanks for the help.

@dan Maybe I’m uniquely “special” but your wording in the demo app is confusing. Great product though :slight_smile:

Yup, there’s the demo/free version and then paid for licensed version. I’ll update the wording!

Sorry for the confusion.



I tyhink my confusion came in as it’s called a demo version, where really, as you say, it’s just free version.

For what it’s worth, standard I’d have thought would be the free version, Pro the paid for version.

As I say though, cracking app. I had a batch of small number galleries (25 galleries with 6 images in each) to process and watermark today. I’d normally use Afinity Photo, whcih is great for large galleries, but a flaff when dealing with lots of small galleries. Squash did a great job in super fast time. It’ll now be my go-to app for batch processing.

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That’s great to hear :+1:

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