How do I get rid of missing resources dropdown?

Hi all, after updating to 8.1.7, I get the “missing resources” window every time I launch RW, and I’m not sure how to get rid of it. There are probably 30 items, all pointing to just 3 images. All my images are in the project, none are warehoused. Do I “relink” or “remove” Clicking “relink” didn’t seem to do anything. I don’t want to screw anything up, so what’s your advice. Thanks!

You could make a duplicate of your project, call it something different and test out “Remove All” to see what happens. If everything is working on the duplicate project, do the same on your main project.

That’s a smart idea, Neil. I’ll try it. Thank you.

Neil, Thanks again. I made a copy, deleted the missing resources with no problems, then did it to my real project. The annoying dropdown in gone!

Next question, haha, sorry…How do I access the sitemap that RW8 automatically makes.
I would like to submit that to google to make sure it crawls my updated site accurately.
Is there a URL to the sitemap somewhere? Thanks.

To submit the sitemap you will need to have sign in to the GoogleSearchConsole, It should walk you through the sign-in process if needed.

  1. You may have to go through the “add property” and verify the site ownership if you haven’t yet done that
  2. Then select sitemap in the sidebar
  3. Then simply add the sitemap.xml to the add a new sitemap and hit submit

It should tell you if you have any problems.

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Thanks Doug. I had everything up to the last step. Didn’t know what the URL should be.
Done now. I appreciate the help.

your link to GoogleSearchConsole is giving a 404 error

Try this one:

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