How do I reclaim my website?

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About a year ago my dog knocked some tea onto my computer and destroyed it. Now I can 't add to my site. I am not very good at this sort of thing but I remember years ago using front page, they had a feature where you could download a sight from the web. I want to download my site to my computer so I can add to it.

Any ideas would be appreciated


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You can’t change it with RW without the project file.

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WebSnapperPro or SiteSucker would allow you to download the files to your computer but as Scott said, without a project file from RW you wouldn’t be able to do anything…and Front Page is a bit different and outdated I’d say… (2003)… :slight_smile:
Guess your best bet is to download the files from your website and start all over using RW

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what is a project file? I had my info recovered but I have trouble finding it.

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That’s the RW file that was created when you built your site.
Depending in what version of RW you used to build it, it would have a deferent extension. It could be your project or .rw6

Can you give any more info? Did you have a backup of your computer?

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