How do I update this input page?

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How do I update this Page.
Three or four years ago I added a page to my site to gather info on those wishing to join our club could fill out (Name Phone # etc. ) Now I have to update that page and have no idea what I used to create it. It had to be something very basic since my RW abilities are very limited.

In edit view there are the question I asked to filled out and there are options to have input of text field, text area, check box, pot up menu, audio button, and attachment. Also a check box make a field required.

Preview shows a heading I must have created somehow with name of the club etc. followed by the above questions I created in edit. At the very bottom there are two red buttons Reset and Submit.

I’m asking if any on can tell what this page is and how can I update it.

Thank You

(Jan Fuellemann) #2

Have you got an URL for us?

(Dave Farrants) #3

Try opening page on the web then ‘view source’ or ‘view html’ (sometimes under the developer menu) - it’ll show up the Stacks used to make the page.

As mentioned, a URL might help…

(scott williams) #4

sounds like it might be just the built in forms page type

(Ron Masi) #5

Thank You

Thanks for the almost instant response. Sorry I should have included the link.

Here it is


27 inch iMac

macOS 10.13

RW 7

Stacks (I update when notified but I don’t know how to check)

You tube Tutorials Index

(Doug Bennett) #6

That looks like the standard contact form plugin. In your RW project look on the left side (page list) and look for Join CLub:

That’s should be the page, now without knowing what you want to change it’s hard to say.

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