How do you create this sleek look when compressed?

I see allot of websites today have a very sleek top navigation section when the page is compressed or viewed on mobile.

They all follow the same outlay when compressed logo ends up center in the middle and navigation icon on one side followed by search or shopping cart symbol on the other. I find this very sleek and neat.

Yet it seams like all RW themes I have tried to compress do not do this. Is this option part of any theme and how would one go about achieving this kind of design?

Thank you.

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Any info on this

Looking to create a simple “top section” when in mobile mode navigation is placed to the left logo in middle and shopping cart icon to the right.
Is this possible?

You could certainly do that type of thing using a 3column stack or a grid with one of the framework themes like foundation.

You haven’t given any information on theme you are using

Thank you. I thought this would not be to hard… been a bit afraid of the foundation theme. But might just ave to go for it and spend the time to learn it. I do like a great theme where you can quickly make adjustments.

Nothing to be afraid of, and the open frameworks give you pretty much complete control of all layout and styling.

Plenty of help here and on

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Nice just purchased the 3 pack :slight_smile: will give it a go!

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