How do you stay on top of the forum

I subscribe to the notifications and emails but the mailbox folder is currently at +1500 messages – and that’s only from about a week. 99% of stuff is not really pertinent to me. I try to stay up on it, but there’s a lot to see. And now this is where important dev info is coming too. :scream:

I’m looking for a way to separate the wheat from the chaff and wondering what the rest of you do.

I use RSS feed for “RapidWeaver” forum and am watching “RapidWeaver Developer Network”.
I get email notifications for RWDN only.
All the rest goes in my feed reader.

Yes, I’m doing the same here as @rob.

RSS seems to work pretty well for me here too. Like @rob I’m just subscribed to the main RW forum via RSS and now this new developer forum via email.

can someone give me advice on how to set it up so i only get email about specific topics. this is how i have my email settings currently.

this gives me almost no email – basically only one i’m mentioned, i think – if i check the “every new post” box then i get A LOT of email – like more than once a minute for a good portion of the day.

i don’t see any options for the in-between stuff you guys mention

You can do it just by choosing the option Watching on the this RWDN category only.