How I can find the bad request? I think little mistake from a developer in the stack (resolved)

I think is a little error from a developer on one stack, but I don’t know how to find the error.
I hope to find a way to describe.
I use GTMetrix to check my website.
in this case:

I found under " [Avoid bad requests]"
these links

I think the double “images/images” is some kind of error, I try to look form where is coming. Any idea how to find?
because all those little images are just in the regular folder “images”


It looks to be coming from your image slider. Looks like you’re using one from Cosculture. I’d make sure it’s up-to-date and then republish all files. If the issue remains, contact their support.

What version of RW are you using?

Thanks Don,
After digging digging and testing, Yes you are correct I contact already Eric.
BTW how did you figure out? I really had to pull element outs.

I use the last RW.

I used the developer tools in Safari and checked for errors/warnings on the page. I saw errors for the images you listed indicating they were not found.

I then copied the name of one of the images and searched the HTML file and then the CSS files until I found the reference to the image and it’s bad url.

From there, I looked at the CSS class that was using that image and went back to the main HTML file to see where that class was used. I saw that it was in your image slider.

My guess is that something changed in how RW builds the final url for those images. The developer may need to update their stack to fix. I would make sure you are on the latest RW, in case it was a RM bug that was building the url incorrectly. Republishing all files will also make sure all files get re-published. It might be a previous RW version built the url incorrectly and it just hasn’t gotten overwritten since being fixed.

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ok I learned something new.

I’m sure is ImageSlider that need to fix. I have the latest 8.2.1 and all is update. So I hope is a easy fix for him, thanks again!!

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