How is "New Page" menu populated?

How is “New Page” menu populated?
In the red rectangle I always see the same three plugins, despite of never having selected Markdown or Photo Album pages.

Once a page is added, menu is populated with last plugin used.

Creating a new project, menu is reverted to three plugins above.

Ok, so here’s what happens:

If the current project currently has no pages, we’ll show some default popular plugins. If Stacks is not installed, we’ll show Styled Text, Markdown, then Photo Album. If Stacks is installed we’ll replace Styled Text with Stacks.

If the current project has pages, we’ll look at the most common plugins used in that project. We’ll count each time a plugin is used, and return the top 5 in order (if there’s a tie, we’ll prioritise the most recently used plugin).

I hope that helps. If you’ve got any feedback, please do let @dan know :slight_smile:

Thanks for the explanation.
Why not always using most used plugins or the ones marked as favorite in Addons Manager window?

i always wondered about this.

and… thanks for Stacks inclusion. much appreciated!