How To Build WordPress With RapidWeaver

(baldwin jackson) #1

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(Joe Workman) #2

Cloudways does seem to require that you have or use Wordpress. Are you just wanting a way to manage the content online? What do you want to use Wordpress for?

(Doug Bennett) #3

That’s a question for Cloudways. They seem to offer other plans for things like Joomla and Drupal.

If you really need to use Wordpress then you might want to check out this:

(Peter Danckwerts) #4

Having invested quite a lot of time and money on WordPress sites, I dumped it. There are some appealing automation features but my WP sites ran very slowly, attracted massive amounts of spam and were difficult to style exactly as I wanted. I had a plugin which automatically imported books in certain categories which worked reasonably well, although there were always titles which I had to search out myself. Now that Amazon has introduced OneLink, I’m going back to RW and Armadillo. So much less trouble!

(LJ) #5

Couldn’t agree more - we currently host around 20 WP sites and about 80 Rapidweaver. The WP sites require much more maintenance as they are always being compromised, run typically 10 times slower than regular ‘static’ sites, cost more in terms of plug-in updates, have too many plug-in / WP version incompatibilities. As a consequence, we charge way more for WP hosting - yet virtually none of our clients take advantage of the content management anyway. Complete waste of time. There are much better options in the RW arena.