How to Convert a theme to a Project?

@robbeattie Thank you for these recommendations. Swapping out a banner should be a basic program feature. And the developers should always provide project files. Because a book has certain agreed-on, common features, applying different css to a particular text will have predictable results. That was the case with iWeb, and for the most part with RW5. Given the state of the art today, with different frameworks (Boostrap, Foundation) as overlays, there is no telling what themes will do because they are no longer merely a collection of style sheets. The whole theme idea should be jettisoned in favor of projects, which after all, are web pages. The construction of web pages is the goal. BTW, when it rains it pours (see attached).

I’m sure you worked it out. :sunglasses:

RW7 will bring a great new feature, where you are able to exchange banners in themes.

Of course the theme must be aware of that new feature.

I agree with that for those who want freedom. There is a place for themes but from what you have said, you are not in that place. Webdeersign creates Projects for users like you, who want to accelerate web design without any compromise using whatever they want and be able to position it wherever they want.

You sound like the guy who just bought a basic Lego kit that only builds one Starship Trooper when what you really want is a fully working Starship. You get what you pay for and you want the full Lego product so you can build whatever you want. That product is RW with Stacks and Foundation.

@webdeeer Maybe. But I was able to put together five or so decent static web sites just using stock themes that came with RW5. Before mobile came onto the scene and Google decided that sites must be responsive, this was easy to do. Don’t get me wrong–I like to use themes. They are well thought out and put together by designers who know what they’re doing. But I can’t tell if a particular theme is responsive. Even if it is, making simple changes like banner changes, or changes to a page’s footer, requires opening an editor and messing with the theme’s internals. If the theme is responsive, is it based on Foundation or Bootstrap? Which Stacks will work with each framework? And speaking of frameworks, is there a way to link a theme to a framework? Adding Bootstrap to a site is just a few lines of code. Making the different {less than sign div greater than sign} elements within that code behave properly is something else. So if I open a theme, how can I even know if there are any well-behaving {less than sign div greater than sign} elements without looking at the theme’s internals with an editor? I respectfully suggest that RW’s roots are important. It should be easy to throw together perfectly well-behaved, functional web sites quickly.
As to freedom, there’s something to be said for it, sure. but compare InDesign, where you start with a blank slate and “you can do whatever you want” to LaTeX, where, “for hundreds of years book designers have played with setting type and many decisions were made for a very good reason.” I’d rather stand on shoulders of giants than have to reinvent the wheel. {I don’t know how to pose code here, hence {*}.

If you like Bootstrap, I suggest you take a look at BootSnap. I think all ThemeFlood’s themes are based on Bootstrap, too. You should also look at Joe Workman’s Foundation. With Foundation and BootSnap themes, there is no question of ‘pulling themes apart’.You simply add things such as banners, navigation, etc. where you want. You can always ask a developer whether his/her theme is responsive but they virtually all are now.

You add code by selecting the code and clicking on the </> button.

By the way, as someone who uses InDesign and LaTeX, I just wish that the former could do some of the things which the latter has done for decades, but I must admit that LaTeX can be a pig from a design point of view.

In RapidWeaver 6.3.8 there is a demo project for Tesla

It’s in the Following menu item

File -> Projects Window

At the bottom of the projects window there is an examples toggle, voila there is a Tesla project… Open it and save it and the demo becomes a project file.


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I shall stick my neck out and say that @mokane99 is simply trying to wind everyone up !!! IMHO


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@timmytoad Not at all. I have five web sites to update and am frustrated by the learning curve in RW6 compared to RW5. This forum has been helpful, but you simply don’t have the volume of users as on Stackexchange. My preference is not to post at all. I’ve looked at tutorials and they are good with respect to the subjects they treat. @Turtle 's discovery of the Project Files (which are easy to pick apart and reasonably easy to modify was a big help. The recommendations that many have made concerning specific Stacks were helpful as well and I doubt that I would have found them. In an effort to cut down on my postings, I tried to find help through Fiverr. I’m a heavy Fiverr user and usually you can find someone to assist with a project. So I am quite conscious of trying to avoid making numerous posts, but my alternatives weren’t successful. I have no interest in creating problems, I’m trying to get some work done.

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OK, fair enough :blush:

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Another useful thing might be to put links to the sites you want to update and any particular functionality you want. It’s possible there’s a theme or set of stacks that will jump out at people.

I generally don’t think people get upset at over-posting, so long as you’re also invested in doing the legwork (i.e. just posting without trying to use the search function first) and everyone keeps it respectful.


Here are a few sites I’m working on. Except for the first, they’re book-related sites. On saudilaw, I’d like to link to a sfw/html5 free version of the text that’s being sold through Shopify.

It would be nice to have a front-end of a library of texts. I tried to do this with a wiki, but the results were not satisfying. Mu7ami is missing–something. I like the courtroom graphic but the site doesn’t look “modern.” There’s too much whitespace. Same with gameat50–too much whitespace. I’ll try to get one of Nick Cates’ plugins for a store site.

FWIW, I think the site would benefit from a bit more white space, personally.

If it were mine I’d reduce the width of the content area to match the courtroom image at the top and introduce a 10px margin and padding round the text to give it a bit more space to breathe.

Same for the second page but I’d also reduce the size of the book cover and try to give the content below it a bit more structure. On my screen there’s also a huge empty space between the end of the quote and the quotation marks.


@robbeattie Thanks! I added margins of 5 px (guessing) and implemented your suggestion of 10 px padding. Unfortunately I am having network problems and can’t upload the results. I also bought a theme and we’ll see how that goes.