How to create files instead of directories?

  1. How to create files instead of directories?

Example currently my website html pages look like this:

instead of:

It can be done (and I am sure it is easy but I am a beginner…) see this site:
No “/” showing a directory

  1. Does Google give a penalty for having files show as a directory? A friend seemed to think it was a real possibility.

  2. A related question when making a stacks gallery how do I get each photo to be a url?

Currently each album is a url but if I have 200 photos in an album I have a hard time sending someone an email and talking about one photo.

Sure the photo can have a unique number but not easy to navigate to it.


is the same as


Both are directories, and Google will be just fine.

Gallery Stacks 3 ( and the light gallery plugin supports deep linking for photos inside a light box.

Probably I am missing something but i know that in the past I have created HTML files in Dreamweaver that were clearly files not folders or directories, and were without “/”

Why do you say both are directories?

We are using Photo from Nick cates design version 1.09 apologies if I wasn’t clear I am new and forget the exact names of the addons - does your idea still work for detailed URLs?

Because both URLs are defining a directory. The web server will in both cases display the default index.[ext] page, e.g.

I am not familiar with NCD Photos.


Thank you for your help and patience as clearly I am missing something (what I am not sure - smiling).

When I create us

I never see “index” I only see index for an actual index page.

In this case the about us page is only a simple file not a folder or directory like public_html or something that contains files.

I will create a new post for the gallery question.

Please post a link to your real website, then I can show you in detail what I mean. Thanks.

Hi Message sent.

Meanwhile I went for a walk on the hill above my office to focus my thoughts and an office friend and I have pondered this matter and now I understand about half as opposed to nothing so I am improving.

The directory aspect of the rapidweaver URL is that it contains stacks and an index file and so on so it actually is a directory/folder.

My question now is should we do something like www.mysite/folder/about us and www.mysite/folder/contactus and so on? This would yield a big “folder” with what I think of as individual file pages.

The variables would be what is best for page load speed, and Google etc…?

I shall carefully read the links - thank you!