How to create this simple layout?


Is there a stack to create this simple layout?

I’m using F6 + Stacks & I’ve looked at so many addon stacks & tried so many options, but cannot get it right, especially the square in each grid. I cannot find “FolderBlock” as a stack that is used on that page.

My creativity has hit a wall! I appreciate any assistance anyone can offer.

Thanks Paula

I’m sure the Realmac website isn’t built with F6 and also never heard of a stack Namen “FolderBlock”. But why don’t you simply use the “Block Grid” stack from F6 and add the rounded corners and the shadow with the corresponding swatches?

The “help” subdomain of the RealMac site is not a Rapidweaver site.

I believe it is a web support, Knowledge Base product called Stonly.

That was so easy!!! I knew this! It was just buried in all the millions of possibilities of RW creations. Thanks :slight_smile:

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Thanks for clearing that up. Sometimes looking at the source gets me into more trouble than it’s worth.

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