How to edit size text in Photo Album?

I’d like to know how to customize text in Photo Album when you click a picture and then it show TITLE Album and under HOME - PREVIOUS - NEXT
I want to edit this text Bigger because in mobile mode its very small to read and touch.
Is it possible to do?!

Could you help me please?!
Thanks a lot

I would think you can probably do it with CSS but you have to give a url to the page so we can see what to target.

Its so easy … in built-in RW Photo Album when you create a gallery and then click to an image it display bigger to full screen and at top there are this functions : PREVIOUS - HOME - NEXT and the title “PARTECIPAZIONI” of the Album.
I want to edit text size of that… more bigger. You what i mean?!

Thank you

in the page inspector css area try this:

.photo-navigation p{
	font-size:1.5rem !important;}

Adjust the 1.5 rem to suit you - 1.2, 1.7 etc.

The reason we ask for a URL to the page in question is so we can see what to target with CSS (in this case .photo-navigation p). this is easy to see if we have a URL, if no url then you have to build a page and look at the code. that’s why you didn’t get an answer sooner. Please, if you want help, include the URL to the page in question.


Oh thank you so much and i’m sorry for that.
Now i understand the important of sharing the URL…
Here :

The “Portfolio+” sub-gallery title and navigation text size of the album.

Thank you very much now i will try your CSS and later i will send you the feedback.


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Yes its work fine !!! Thank you so much for that and… if i want to edit also the Title of the Album?

Thanks a lot


Try also adding:

	font-size:2rem !important;


FYI you can use: rem , px or % to change size. So 2rem , 32px and 125% all should work

Yes this Code works great !!! Very helpful for me .
Thank you so much Scott :slight_smile:

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You are so good with built-in RW Photo Album… you also know if it possible to link an image to a sub page?! For example i’d like to create a grid with cover photos of my album gallery in Portfolio page ( just to no have a blank page ) ; is it possible?

Take a look … i want to link these cover images to my sub menu portfolio gallery u know what i mean?! Thank you so much !!! :slight_smile:

That is not possible with the inbuilt photo album. You need to create these “cover photos grid” by yourself, and then link to individual photo albums.

As. @instacks Jannis said, you will need to just build a grid of images and link them to the proper page. There are several grid stacks you can use, Or even multiple column stacks will also work if you size the images the same.

So for example you could use a 4 column stack put an image stack in each column then an image in the stack. That would be the top row. Below that just repeat with another 4 column + image stacks etc, etc.

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