How to enable the Reader in Safari?

I’ve never gave it a second thought in the past, but now I am curious. What needs to be done in the process of developing a website for the Reader to be enabled in Safari?

I tried to find some documentation on Apple’s website, but I failed…

Hi, Brian, thanks for the links…:grin:

So, I just finished reading the articles in both links kindly provided by Brian.

Apple’s article was very hermetic and obviously intended only for insiders (Apple devs). There was nothing in it that would shed any light on the subject – at least for me.

The other link was much more valuable for me. The article has been written in June 2010 but readers’ comments were trailing it until October 2016. At least, I learned from it that nobody knows anything solid about the mysteries of Safari Reader. Still, very interesting reading – especially for mysteries aficionados…

If anybody can provide some simple, universally reproducible rules in this Safari Reader game, I would be very interested to hear them.

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