How to label or title a video...?

Hello again…

I am using Joe Workman’s HTLM5 Video stack and will hopefully integrate Limelight as the light box.

I would like to be able to label or title - or even provide a short description of the video either on or above/below the video.

I have seen some videos with text superimposed over the top section of the video… which might work…

What is the recommended method of doing this?



If you’re using Limelight, then the easiest way would be to add a header stack and a text stack above and/or below the video, describing what it’s about. Then they and the video can ‘sit’ together inside the lightbox.

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Thanks for the suggestion robbeattie.

If I was to use something other than Limelight - is there something else that would work better?



If you’re pulling in video from Vimeo or YouTube, you can set the videos to ‘bring’ certain information with them. I don’t own Joe’s stack so I don’t know if it has an equivalent feature, I’m afraid.

If it doesn’t, this stack may be worth looking at as an alternative (there’s a free demo you can try)

Or you could make the titles part of the video itself when you create it.



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