How to restore navigation parents pages LINKS (Hive theme)

I would really appreciate any help to restore parent pages links in navigation menu in Hive theme. I mean Hive theme has removed links of parent pages (page with child pages) and those has become a simple placeholder. Doesn’t matter how many times you click on them, it doesn’t take you any place. Any idea to restore the menu pages’ links ?
Thanks for your time and suggestions

I have this question, as well, but see no one has answered! I would state my problem slightly differently: I cannot navigate back to the parent link from the child (assuming this is the appropriate terminology). Have I overlooked some preference somewhere? I am sufficiently lacking in knowledge that I usually assume user error!

Well, no, reviewing the issue, I would say it is precisely the same as par10 described. Parent links become space holders only without linking to the existing page they once referred to before adding the “child” link.

Are Pablo and I the only ones having this problem. Pablo, have you found a workaround?

I see similar issues on some other webpages developed by other programs. Is this an html issue or a specific design question?

Hi there Jim.
There is no workaround. It’s just how Hive theme manage the parents pages. Once they have childs become a placeholder. You can’t put any content inside. They are kind of an index. At least as far as I know. At the end I end up having a one level navigation menu.
I have already wasted my time playing up and down with theme Hive so If you have any doubt maybe I can answer it and save yours.
Greeting from Basque country.

Hey there!

You guys are correct, there isn’t a workaround. This is how Hive handles parent navigation items. It could be done either way – where the parent is linked, or in this case not linked, but I chose this style navigation for this particular theme as it worked with the design of the theme. It is also in an effort to make sure users on some Android devices are able to access all of your pages.

I just caught this update in the conversation. I have resolved my menu issues by installing MyMenu from NimbleHost.

It is good to hear the developer’s reasoning and point of view, but I have had clients indicate they did not understand the menu icon (old folks like me, mostly), plus the frustration of discovering that parent pages are hard to get back to. (I also dealt with the icon obscurity (for some) by adding a bit of code someone provided which adds the text “MENU” next to the icon.

(Does anyone know what MyMenu does to or for Android users?)

Greetings back to @par10 Pablo. Thanks @Elixir for the clarification.