How to start: Comment, Register or Log in, Database

(Barbara M van Amerongen) #1
  • I’d like the visitor of my website to Comment,
  • In order to Comment they must Register or Log in and
  • I would like to store their details in a DataBase,
  • My provider has MySQL and no user manual.

This is rather essential (basic) stuff for a website, but I simply don’t know where to start.
1 - Can I do this myself?
2 - Where can I find the information.
3 - Does Rapid Weaver have an Example I could copy (or buy)?
4 - Does anyone have an Example I could copy (or buy)?

All I understand now is that it needs PHP.


(Chris french) #2

Is the Disqus option not really doing it for you?

Don’t know how old that link is though?

(Barbara M van Amerongen) #3


That looks easy enough.

Is it possible to use Google+ Comments?
Has anyone tried to use Google+ Comments with RW?

(Marten Claridge ) #4

Here’s a couple of options you could look at:

Does your provider/server have a cPanel? If so look for a MySQL or Database Wizard that will take you through the setup process.

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