How to start: Comment, Register or Log in, Database

  • I’d like the visitor of my website to Comment,
  • In order to Comment they must Register or Log in and
  • I would like to store their details in a DataBase,
  • My provider has MySQL and no user manual.

This is rather essential (basic) stuff for a website, but I simply don’t know where to start.
1 - Can I do this myself?
2 - Where can I find the information.
3 - Does Rapid Weaver have an Example I could copy (or buy)?
4 - Does anyone have an Example I could copy (or buy)?

All I understand now is that it needs PHP.


Is the Disqus option not really doing it for you?

Don’t know how old that link is though?


That looks easy enough.

Is it possible to use Google+ Comments?
Has anyone tried to use Google+ Comments with RW?

Here’s a couple of options you could look at:

Does your provider/server have a cPanel? If so look for a MySQL or Database Wizard that will take you through the setup process.

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