How to transfer to Rapidweaver 8

I need to transfer all my sites online which were set up with Dreamweaver (which has now totally crashed)
Does anyone know how to capture my files from my website on the internet?
your guidance will be very apprciated

There are a few tools that help…basiclly start over building them.

Sitesucker could help…

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Michael, you could use an FTP program (Transmit, Forklift, etc.) if you are used to or willing to learn - or what Thomas says - the tool Sitesucker which is an excellent tool to get all resources of a website downloaded to the local directory in a structured way.
From there you can start to rebuild the new site using Rapidweaver with all the resources from your old website from your local disk. Cheers :grin:

If you’re asking if it’s possible to somehow import Dreamweaver files into Rapidweaver, I’m afraid the answer is ‘no’. Best bet - though the most long-winded - is to re-create the sites from scratch.


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