HTML Link With Additional Click SOLVED

I have been through every HTML resource that I have and am totally puzzled on this. I’m not even sure what to even search for anymore. Any help would be appreciated.

I am trying to write a link that would once clicked, send the visitor to a page, then directly to another page. A pdf that I’m working with has the link embedded in it. I opened the pdf in Acrobat to identify the link, but it shows “no links”. I ended up making a screen recording to see the link(s) because I thought I picked it up on my first time I clicked on it.

The pdf, has and image that says “Book Now”, that links goes to “” then immediately goes to “” in the same window.

you can use pages to build a pdf with a link…if that is all you need…
in your site, open the pdf…and then link “might” work.
The link on that page is what is making it goto a new page.

This uses @joeworkman pdf embed…and seems to work…the link is at the bottom of the pdf.

Thanks @joemart1951, I have the pdf on a page that works, but I’m rebuilding the page so the much more user friendly and I’m so puzzled as to how to do this, that I need to learn how.

see if this helps…put it at the top of a page…

@joemart1951Thanks Joe, that was the missing link. Here it is in RW: and if you click on the Donald Duck image, an Expose stack comes up (to stay within compliance with credit unions). If you click “continue” you are sent to an Offsite RW page with the referral id url “”.

I added the meta tag in the Head on that page (<meta http-equiv="Refresh" content="3; url=" />)

The number “3” controls the seconds before a refresh. I will eventually set it to 1 or 0, but wanted to see it work, so I used 3.

My Auto Refresh stack does that… with a few other things…

I just need to start my searches at I’m starting to think there isn’t anything that you don’t have a stack for. :wink:

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