HTTP2 is now live!

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To keep the releases rolling, I’m happy to finally bring the awesome speed improvements of HTTP2 to user’s sites. HTTP2 adds some really great connection improvements over HTTP1. For instance, if you watched my WeaverSpace talk (@joeworkman), you may recall a topic I discussed called Domain Sharding. This is the practice of speeding up your site by creating multiple sub-domains to trick browsers into downloading items in parallel. In HTTP2, this is no longer required as it’s done automatically. A great summary of the improvements in HTTP2 is available here

Everyone may check if their site supports HTTP2 here:

Be sure to UNCHECK the public option if you do not want your site listed on and in their database.


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Is it automatically turned on for Chillidog users, @barchard ? thx

yes and has been for about a week. I just phased in the rollout without anyone knowing. just wanted to deliver the latest improvements for everyone.

you can see your site says ‘supported’ via the tool provided :slight_smile:

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Yes, I did see that. Just wanted to make sure there was nothing to do on my end :slight_smile: thx

How does ALPN fit into things? I noticed on the checker it said ALPN was not supported and then read in the link about browser support that Chrome only supports http2 with ALPN? Got me wondering… and a bit confused.


they only report what information they’re able to gather via their script.

more information from the site:

Does this test also verify SPDY?
Not directly, but it tests which TLS extension is supported to negotiate the protocols. The tested TLS extensions are either NPN or ALPN. Next Protocol Negotiation (NPN) appeared as part of the SPDY protocol but it has been deprecated. Application Layer Protocol Negotiation (ALPN) is the successor of NPN and is approved by the IETF (RFC7301). However, NPN advertises the supported protocols from the server to the client and this test will show the advertised protocols if HTTP/2 is not supported. The protocol advertising has been reversed in ALPN (client to server). The first phase of this HTTP/2 check runs the ALPN test with only H2 in the protocol list.

if you’d like to read more about ALPN, Wikipedia may be a good starting place.


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Well the Wikipedia article just got me more confused as to whether http2 is supported by Chrome. Do you mean that ALPN is actually supported by our hosting even though their script says no. It seems like http2 has to have ALPN. :

Application-Layer Protocol Negotiation (ALPN) is a Transport Layer Security (TLS) extension for application layer protocol negotiation. ALPN allows the application layer to negotiate which protocol should be performed over a secure connection in a manner which avoids additional round trips and which is independent of the application layer protocols. It is needed by HTTP/2 which improves the compression of web pages and reduces their latency. The ALPN and HTTP/2 standards emerged from development work done by Google on the now withdrawn SPDY protocol.

I guess my question ultimately is the HTTP2 on Chili supported by Chrome?

I think you can find your answer on Can I use ?

That’s actually what brought up my question about Chrome and ALPN, and HTTP2 on Chilidog.