I forgot how to get in my site to change it

For my website is made 7 years ago (by someone who isn’t here any more) I don’t know how to change my site. I still do have my code. Any suggestions? I really like to make my site more actual

Before you can do anything, you are going to need to be sure you have your login credentials for the host of your website. This is a username and password. If you do not have that information, you will need to contact your host and get them to help you get this information. If the site is 7 years old, you probably have been paying yearly for hosting.

Next, if your site was made by someone using RapidWeaver, then you need to see if you can find the project file for your site. A project file is a file used by RapidWeaver to edit your site working on a Mac. If your site was made by someone using something other than RapidWeaver, then you are going to want to use something like Sitesucker to grab all of the content off of your site. You will have to start from scratch.


A link to your current site might help us help you!

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That’s the problem - I cannot the project files for my site. But It is possible to use site sucker to clean my site and build it up for new with another program? I do have the username and password for my hosting.

Yes, Sitesucker should get the images and videos. I have never used it, but have heard lots of good reviews on it.

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