I found an Easter egg in Squash 3!

Everyone get a picture of a horse and drag it onto Squash. Thank me later :). And yes Im serious.
*Edit: I assume others have found this, but I didn’t see anything being discussed so I wanted to bring up the fun :slight_smile:


and dog & cat.


Oh cool! I wonder what is contained in the exhaustive list?

Intriguing. I tried 2 images of my dogs and didn’t notice anything…

Did the horse image make the “whinny” noise though?

Ah. Funny!

The default sound of dragging an image over Squash does sound like a dog though. It makes my dogs go nuts if you keep dragging and image in/out of the app.

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I got a dog image to work from an image off Google Images. I have small dogs. Maybe Squash thinks that they are small enough already… :wink:

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