I think there has been a mistake

Hi Nik,

I’m not sure how this happened but I get an email from a user today who is a Community Member

Hi, I like your Theme Acclaim and, as a RapidWeaver Community member, I tried to download it for Free (see print screen) but as soon as I get to the Checkout screen I have to pay $ 29,99 for It (see print screen).

Would you please be so kind to help me with this?

Best regards,

Twan Schoenmakers
The Netherlands

They also attached this image

It’s listed as free on Community website.
Are you sure you have correctly set a price in your admin area?

Thanks Rob! I did not check there but it was listed for free. However, it did not used to be listed as free and I did not make any changes to it. I thought that maybe one of the recent changes to the site might have messed up some of the pricing.

##Whoops, Something Went Wrong

@rob I believe the Theme needs to be approved, I guess it is on pending state now since Gary update it.

So it should be temporary removed from search page.
Addons are searchable even if pending for approval.

Not themes (not sure about stacks) … if you even update a spelling error then it goes back into approval mode. I don’t like it, but that is just the way it works.

That’s how approval procedure works, but I mean that, as addon page is not available, it should not be searchable.
Otherwise, as I did, you come to a “Whoops” page.

So to clarify a few things here:

  1. None of our updates would have adjusted the price of your addon
  2. The search index is updated periodically, so there will be some overlap between when addons are pending/approved/rejected.
  3. Changing any on the information associated (with the exception of new versions) with your addon will move it back to pending. Trust me, I don’t like doing that, but some developers took advantage of the open system we previously had.

Also, so we’re clear: adding a new version for your addon will not remove it from the site — adding versions is open, and they are automatically approved. So there’s no need to worry about updating your listing when releasing a new version.

Please contact me directly if you’re having issues with the community site, you can private message me here, or email me ben@realmacsoftware.com