Image crop tool + image crop/size in ECMS

We’re using a lot of square images these days which need to be resized to a standard size of 2000 x 2000 pixels and I’ve been looking around for a tool which would allow a quick drag and drop resizing ( and preferably cropping ) of larger and or rectangular images to this size. Just now I’m doing this manually or in batches using graphics software. Something that would just squirt out a single resized / cropped image dropped into it would be ideal.

Second, and partly related - is there a way to lock down image specs within ECMS so that a client can’t break the design by ignoring the format or size recommendations for my carefully crafted layout. No matter what I say uploading that 6.5mb rectangular shot into the thumbnail sized square layout is becoming far too regular a thing for my liking - followed by the late night email wondering why the page is broken…

Any suggestions gratefully received and thanks!

I don’t know what ECMS is so can’t help you there.

As for quick image resizing and cropping there are several options out there. Two products I especially like are:

  1. PhotoBulk
  2. PhotoJob 2

You can purchase both at the app store. I’m not sure there is any significant difference between the 2. The key is you can set up several different presents. Then just drag in images, choose the needed preset, and presto you are done! Works well for 4, 40, or 400 images at once.

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Thanks Matthew and I will take a look at those - sounding promising.

Another option for you:

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I believe that ECMS is Easy CMS. I am not near my computer right now, but I believe there is a way to limit the size of the photo and if I am right, the CMS should auto re-size images for you, but again, I am not near my computer to see for sure.

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Thanks Greg - another one to check out. Interesting pricing model with 1$=1€ - I know which one I’d choose!

Thanks Robb - no rush. When you get a chance I’d be glad to know if it can be done. Ta. D.

EasyCMS has an option to define the maximum height or width of an image. It’s in the image settings.

  • 1 for PhotoBulk as well.


Also… UsefulStack is a wonderful “utility” stack that that allows you to set min and max height and width. Put your stacks inside of a UsefulStack and define your min and max size. It’s also free. It also allows you to assign custom class to the stack, and other very “useful” things. Think of it as a “container” stack.

Thanks Rob - I’ve seen this. What is not clear to me just now is how these settings affect the upload process. I thought that ECMS processes the uploaded images to render the versions that will be served. I can see ‘Image optimization & Resizing’ + ‘Upload Validation Rules’ settings within RW. Both of these have sizing options. I suppose I could play around to determine how it all fits together. If you had any time saving insights please then those would be most welcome. I’m aiming to restrict the served image to a square format with a defined dimension that cannot be exceeded. Presently whatever is uploaded is being displayed - hence the questions. Ta. D.

Thanks Greg. That does look really useful. Top tip.

That’s above my paygrade I’m afraid. :sunglasses:
Hopefully @zeebe or someone else from Joe’s team can help.


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You control both the admin and public sides in ECMS.
The image quality is for all sizes
You end up with three images;

You give the square and thumbs the size on the admin side

On the public page you decide which version to display.


Thanks Scott - so if I wan’t to prevent, say, upload of a rectangular image into a square slot I need to specify a size in the admin page design and this then results in a user getting an error of they try to upload the wrong shaped image?

Yes. There are upload validation rules that will verify that the image is or certain size and/or orientation.

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Thanks Joe and I will give it a go. D.

Total CMS has the same feature plus some more. You can give it a free trial for 30 days as well.

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