Image fuzzy after optimization

I am trying out the demo version and I have a logo which I wanted to resize it down to 100 pixel for email uses but it seems to be more fuzzy when I scale it down using squash 3

Am I doing something wrong?

Here a screenshot of the slider

Left is the actual png image at 1400 width px - and right is a scaled down to 100 px width

I don’t have Squash, but I would expect this behavior - and it is deceiving to judge a 100 px wide image blown up much bigger. You need to look at the 100 px wide image in its own resolution to judge the quality of the image. Because then the blurring might actually help represent the curvatures of the logo better than a purely binary image with a sharp ‘staircase’ edge

Squash currently scales up the image to fit the split view (we’re looking to change this), once exported it will look correct in email and etc…

Hope that helps.

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