Image Gallery to replace ImageRodeo circa 2004

ImageRodeo was an old[ 2004 ~ 2009] Macintosh program for presenting pictures on the web. It has long gone and I’m now looking for an RW7 Stack, or image Gallery, which will give similar functionality. My searching has so far not found any suitable candidates. Here are a couple of pics of how it worked…

…any thoughts would be appreciated.

Check out that one and let me know if you miss something:

The website I am designing is for a Military Museum hence the need for a lengthy dissertation for each image. The suggestion you have made, while appreciated, does not seem to allow for this, unless I’ve missed something which the demos do not disclose.

This might work well for you:

Looks like there’s lots of room for info in the scrolling right-side column.


Thanks for the reply. It’s not a bad option, and it may be the best if I can not find anything else but I was hoping for the folder list and thumbnail aspect - there could be dozens of images to be shown and grouping in folders of, say 10 or so images, is the preferred option to allow a better visitor experience.