Image name with jpg twice

I’ve had my site for awhile and just today noticed that all my image names have jpg twice. So I drag and drop an image into a text stack, and the image is given the name of the file, like example.jpg. But when published, the image name ends up being example.jpg.jpg - is there a way to stop it from doing that?

Stacks 2, RW 8, but also did this before I upgraded to 8.

Just tried this and doesn’t happen here (RW 8.4.1). Out of interest, why drag an image into a text stack?

I’m using PlusKit for the light boxes. It works on images you place into text.

Was that a typo? Stacks 2 and RW8?

Oops, Stacks 3.

Is there a reason why you are doing it that way?

There’s plenty of light box stacks out. Some are free.

Because I already own it, and it does the Lightbox the way I want it. I purchased the Lightbox stack from Joe Workman as well years ago and never liked how it worked so never used it.

What free ones are there?

I wouldn’t use PlusKit unless I had to, and then I probably still wouldn’t. I didn’t think pluskit works really well with stacks pages, but I don’t know. I owned PlusKit but removed it a long time ago.

Anyway here’s a couple free light boxes

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Thanks, I never heard of Limelight before. It doesn’t do what I want though. It doesn’t really create a nice gallery by dropping images in. I’d need to create each image Lightbox and then a trigger for each image. That’s double the effort for what PlusKit does automatically.

I’ve used Litebox before as well and it’s good but it doesn’t allow navigation between images in your gallery.

But the main issue is why my images have another .jpg added to their names. Even without the Lightbox this is still a problem.

I’m not at a Mac right now, but @manofdogz doesn’t seem to see the same happening.

Perhaps he wasn’t doing exactly the same thing.

I really don’t use styled text much so don’t think I’ll be much help.

Does it happen on a regular styled text page? Stacks uses the RapidWeaver styled text engine for the text stack. That would tell if it’s a RapidWeaver or stacks issue.

Does it happen without PlusKit being used?

Does it happen with every image?

PlusKit must be the problem. When I delete it from my website, the image names return to normal.

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