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HI, I have recently made an iMove for upload to my website ‘’ using Rapid Weaver and the Quicktime option. For a long time it did not appear that the video part of the website was uploading at all and when one had thought that they had uploaded it, and clicked on the URL of the website on the server there was a note where the movie should to the effect that the page had an unknown plug in but the rest of the website pages were fine. By chance I found out that that iMovie had, indeed uploaded *by Safari) and but though Sarari said it was an unknown plug in when I went to the newly uploaded sight. Yet by chance I found that Opera was displaying it perfectly . Well nearly perfectly because the iMovie was spread across the whole web page and blocking out the menu at the right side of the webpage . So previewing it I find that, that, the imovie is apparently right justified or centralised and there is no way (on the RW quicktime page to change the justification) that it can be shoved over to the left and so uncover the menu. Thus whenever it is viewed you have lost the menu. At the moment Have uploaded the imovie to uTube, and I am using a link on the page where I would like to put the iMovie as a link back to uTube which seems a bit unprofessional . My server support tell me that Quicktime is not always acceptable to some browsers these days, so I would like to upload the iMovie to the website in some other platform acceptable to all browsers. Please do not mention getting a copy Stacks and shoving the iMovie into a Stack and uploading it . It is only a single webpage and I am not going pay out some £70-80 for a ‘use once’ plug in. Anyone a solution to this one ? Thanks

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Get the embed code snippet from Youtube and drop it in a html page.

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Another option - you could use a free video encoder to convert into .mp4 (safari) and .webm (firefox)video formats, upload the movies to your server and link up to them with a html5 video stack, or lightbox.

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Thanks will try that, it is of course already in MP4 but I will see if it helps. The difficulty is that I can upload it in quicktime to the server, but when I come to check the website it tells me that the video is an unsuported plug in. Althouh if I switch to Opera that does not complain. I think although Safari will upload it, if it is asked to read it baulks at it being in Quicktime . Of course I a not going to buy stacks for one webpage. Presently I am using uTube as an intermediary, but it carried all sorts of irellevent trash with it but otherwise it plays pretty well . The website is Thanks

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You are using a super old theme…and without stacks you are batting at windmills!!!
All of this software is beta at best…and using old versions of any of it is like living in 1980.

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Yes thanks Joe for a non-constructive answer, and pointless ansxwer. I am not going to pay £79 for a single page on a website

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