@import(()) doesn't work anymore

(Theo de la Ruelle) #1

I made a banner at the top of my homepage with changing pictures. Yesterday I uploaded my homepage again and now it doesn’t work anymore. My banner is no longer visible.

I use Stacks on every page and I import the pictures for the banner with a “text-stack” with only the command @import(()).

The website is www.tjuchem.net

What is the problem?

Thanks for your support.



(Theo de la Ruelle) #2

I’ve already solved the problem. I used an older copy (from TimeMachine) which was allright and copied the new items in this folder. So now the banner with the pictures is visible.

But I haven’t a clue what the cause was.

(Philip Lock) #3

For a while Stacks 3 and Pluskit’s import function didn’t get along. I raised this with the fine folk at yourhead and they fixed the problem for me with the latest version of Stacks - don’t know the version number.