IMPORTANT: RapidWeaver 8.7.1 Universal Developer Build

Hey Developers,

Here is a build of RapidWeaver 8.7.1 that’s Universal (built for Intel and Apple Silicon). It runs just great on both on systems, however… We don’t want to release it to the public until all the major plugins are compatible.

On Intel things will continue to just run as normal and all plugins will load. Unfortunately, on Apple Silicon Macs, none of the third-party plugins will load as they are currently built for Intel.

So, for us to even consider shipping this we need all you lovely developers to make your plugins Universal.

Download RapidWeaver 8.7.1 Universal Developer Build

Please do not share this build, It’s for developers only.

I’ve tried to CC in all native plugin developers so they get notified, but if I’ve missed anyone please tag them in a reply.

CC @Isaiah, @gibo, @yabdab, @rob, @makfruit, @meteor

Just to keep you all in the loop, we plan to release RapidWeaver 9 as a Universal build. However, a release date has not been set. We will of course post a beta here as we get closer.

Please let us know what your plans are and if you have any questions.

Hope that’s all good.


Dan & Team Realmac


Thanks for the heads up. We’re going to update our plugins to Universal at the beginning of 2021, although we were not expecting this would have been required in a minor release of RapidWeaver.

If you’d like to try this with a universal version of Stacks I’ve finally managed to get one all the way through the pipeline. Please be aware that this is the very first build. It has past tests, but I have yet to extensively test it on either platform.

Please keep it away from important work and customers. Thanks.

Release Notes:


Hey @Isaiah that’s awesome news. Will take this for a spin in RapidWeaver 8.7.1 and report back if I hit any issues!

I’m thinking of setting up a help doc, for people interested in running RapidWeaver on M1 Macs, but we’d need to be able to offer a beta of both RW and Stacks. Let me know when a Stacks beta is good to go public so I can set that up…

The requests for M1 support are slowy increasing…


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Quick update: we’ve completed the transition of our whole plugin lineup as well and started testing them internally.

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@gibo that’s awesome, keep me posted on when they are ready!


I’ve now done three of nine – but Stacks is my only plugin with interesting dependencies – the rest should flow much more easily.

I’m going to start wider beta testing (in non-universal app) next week.

@isaiah Woohoo, that’s awesome news!

Hi Dan, I reinstalled my M1 Mac, and now this version of RapidWeaver 8.7.1 Universal is not starting any more. I have a crash report if it’s helpful.

Do you have a newer build I can test?


Hey Jannis version 8.7.1 (20862b) works fine for me on my MacBook Pro M1.

For now you should probably use the public release, while it’s not universal it should run just fine. If you have plugins that are not universal that might crash RapidWeaver…

Post the crash report here or send it over

We’ll have a new universal build later this year…

I just want to test @Isaiah’s new universal Stacks version. Here is the crash report: WeTransfer - Send Large Files & Share Photos Online - Up to 2GB Free

@instacks - if you hold down the option key when you launch and disable plugins does it launch?

it doesn’t look like the the crash report (stack-shot) is Stacks related. i don’t think plugins have loaded yet at all. none are listed. seems like it might be crashing pretty early on.

It’s a newly installed machine, RW without any Plugins. When holding the option key this pop up actually appears.

It was working in the installation before. The only real difference I can see is that I did not install Rosetta now.

@dan Did you test this on an M1 machine without Rosetta?

@instacks not yet, and I don’t currently have an M1 machine as the DTK is boxed up and waiting to go back to Apple.

Was trying to hold off on buying a new M1, until they release a new iMac or MacBook Pro…

I just installed Rosetta, RapidWeaver now starts without error :slight_smile:

@instacks – Wow, that’s a crazy result just from installing Rosetta. I really want to duplicate this one myself.

So just so I can understand this, and hopefully duplicate it exactly when my own machine arrives… I just want to know if this is accurate…

  1. Install Stacks v4.2.2 and RW v8.7.1
  2. NEVER install Rosetta
    So, does that mean this a brand new machine? How many do you buy, you lucky bast*d? :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:
  3. Launch RW

Result: RW crashes immediately


  • OK, Last question: Are there ANY OTHER PLUG-INS in your RW addons folder?

please double check by manually opening the folder and looking in the Finder. Mostly just to make sure there aren’t multiple copies or anything crazy that might not show up in the RW addons window.
(and if you do discover something crazy like that – please let me know what you find – because it helps me identify when customers have the same thing going on)

  • OK, Really extra last question: :wink: to duplicate exactly, it might be good to also know if you have anything in your Disabled Plugins folder too.

I’m really just trying to cover all the bases. It’s a really interesting result. And knowing Rosetta installation affected running a seemingly universal app is crazy.

I’ve purchased my own Air finally, but it doesn’t arrive for about 3 weeks.


Hoping the ship date moves up a bit, but I’ll do some more specific M1 testing when it arrives. I want to try to duplicate this same exact thing before I install Rosetta too.


I really started with this plain RW 8.7.1 install without stacks or any other plugin.

It was a freshly installed M1 Big Sur installation, and I wanted to see how far I am getting without Rosetta.

I guess there is a small component inside RW still relying on Intel code.

By accident I found the same behavior with
They also have already a universal build out, and also this didn’t start without Rosetta, because the bundled GIT library wasn’t recompiled and still on Intel code.

I was under the impression that this was impossible – that it was all or nothing sort of deal. But maybe???

Update: found one. But only one. Every other binary in the app seems to be universal. But I just did a quick check – so maybe I missed others???

But this one isn’t:

% file RapidWeaver\ 

RapidWeaver Mach-O 64-bit executable x86_64
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