In your opinion: which cart is the best to use with Rapid Weaver?

I would like to get the community’s opinion on which cart is best for Rapid Weaver? We currently use ECWID, which has a lot of good points, but we’re experiencing some issues lately. We also are signing up more clients who want to sell memberships/classes with access control to certain information/videos. Something ECWID cannot do. I know Cartloom seems to pop up quite often, but I’d like to explore all options before we make a decision.

Would really appreciate your help in my search…

I think Sitelok is good for membership sites, and Joe Workman has some Sitelok stacks to make integration easier. Sitelok can be used on its own though.

I’ve always liked and used RapidCart Pro, but it depends what kind of store you have as to whether it’s the best solution in your case.

Thanks Neil. I’ll check it out.

You are not limited. There are many cart systems you can use with Rapidweaver websites. I use Ultracart, but just the backend cart, not the storefront. I put “Add to Cart” buttons on normal Rapidweaver/Stacks pages. You can use any cart, not just “Rapidweaver Add-on” carts. Many carts have SiteLOK (Not SiteLOCK) and add-ons for membership plugins/addons such as “amember.”

Thanks Greg. Will check into the SiteLOK options as well.

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