Incompatibility between the official theme and Google Maps code?

(Harry Logtenberg) #1

it seems that mapsnap is not working in the official theme by Realmac
the Rapidmaps plugin either way.

Or am I the only one with this problem?

(Harry Logtenberg) #2

nobody tested mapsnap or rapidmaps with the official theme?

(kris ) #3

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(Harry Logtenberg) #4

It does not show the stack/map during preview.
(even if the site is live on the server or local in mamp)

With exactly the same stack settings it shows in other themes.
I tested themes of elixir, foundation, nick cave, bootstrap, weaverthemes etc.

It seems that something in the theme holds the stack/map to load.
Same problem with the plugin rapidmaps the card wil not load.

(The only modification i did was the load the font awesome library in the head section of site wide code.)

(Stuart) #5

Don’t suppose you would be able to publish a sample page showing it not working for us to take a quick look at?

(Steve) #6

it does not show in marketit official or highlight all the 3 newest realmac themes

(Harry Logtenberg) #7

i published a sample test page.

mapsnap =>
rapidsnaps =>

My guess is that it has something to do with the new banner import.

(Roberto Tremonti) #8

Your test pages both give error in Google Maps scripts.
I guess there’s an incompatibility between the theme and Google Maps code, which all maps plugins (not only MapSnap and RapidMaps) rely on.
You should report this problem to Realmac Software staff.

(Stuart) #9

There are a number of errors showing in the console.

Try this:

Make a brand new project using Official theme. Single page. No plugins. No other stacks.

Drop MapSnap onto the page and set a location pin. Preview.

Does that work?

(Harry Logtenberg) #10

@kryten @nikf @dan

No preview after brand new project with official theme.

@rob sugested a incompatibility between the official and other new realmac themes and Google Maps code.

(Nik Fletcher) #11

Please drop us a note with the stack in question so we can test:



(Harry Logtenberg) #12

I drop a note at

Best regards,

Harry Logtenberg

(Harry Logtenberg) #13

@nik @dan

Is there any news about the failure of mapsnap in the official theme.
I did drop a note at
Did have a question, but no solution.

Best regards,