Inconsistent behaviour of RW when updating themes / stacks - not removing older versions, forcing manual clean-up?

Based on a discussion in the Weaver’s Space Community (and as advised by Joe Workman), I’m posting this issue here in the hope that I can get some pointers on how to get my RW8 to function more consistently with what I hear from other users. Any feedback would be highly appreciated.

General info first : I’m running RW 8.9.1 on an M1 Macbook Air, with all installation files on the RW default location (my internal SSD). I am in the habit of installing updates whenever I see them coming in (on both themes, and stacks).

I am using F6 theme, and a bunch of stacks (mostly from Joe Workman.

Each time when F6 updates, RW will prompt me for the installation of the update at start-up of the program, and after installation and relaunch it continues endlessly to prompt me to install the update. I typically break that cycle by pushing the “not now” button on the prompt, then manually removing the redundant new installation files and the older version from the Add-on folder, and then when starting up RW it will start with the new F6 version.

On individual stacks, whenever I run their updates (either by clicking the update button on the bottom of the library view, or by checking for updates on the Add-on dialog box), the updates themselves install fine, but for some reason all of the older versions remain in both the Add-on dialog box as in the Add-on folder. See screenshots below for some examples.

From conversations with others in the Weaver’s Space Community, I would expect the older versions to not show up after updating … but that’s not what RW is doing. Until earlier this week I was assuming the behaviour of “my” RW is normal and is just a weak point in the RW design, now I’m starting to suspect that something is wrong with my set-up all-to-gether (which might also explain some instabilities I see in RW’s behaviour every now-and-then.

Hope this description helps to find a way to a solution …

Looking forward to your feedback.


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