Instacks Photostream stack question

I’m using Instacks Photostream stack on my website to serve images from a web directory (warehouse). In the option it asks for a file extension. Is it possible to have multiple file extensions?

At the moment I have *.JPG but if I upload a *.jpg it doesn’t get shown so you can only seem to be able to enter one file type and also that file type is case sensitive. Theta pretty restrictive.

I’d like to be able to enter

*.JPG, *.jpg, *.png, *.PNG for example. Anyone know if this is possible?

I alerted @instacks Jannis of is behavior recently after discovering that images coming from mobile had a .JPG extension. I believe he is holiday at the moment. As for multiple file types, .png.jpg. I haven’t tried it, I would say just give it a go see what happens, I think the worse that would happen is it just wouldn’t display.

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A easy solution for that is to use the wildcard symbol * as file extension attribute value. Then all file types will be covered.
Please make sure only images are in that folder.

Thanks Jannis,
files are in the folder for sure. I have confirmed it’s a case sensitive problem with the extension.

I didn’t know I could use: * in the Photostream UI filename extension field.
I will give that a go.


EDIT: Just curious, can you also do this?: jpg,JPG,png,PNG

Please make sure only image files like png, jpg, gif, and no other files like html or whatever are inside that folder.

Unfortunately not.

Hi Jannis,

It’s working and has been all along. I just noticed that when uploading a photo taken on an iphone that the extension was .JPG – those files did not show up. I figured out that if I changed the extension to .jpg they then showed up.

I was unaware that I could use * (although I could see this causing an issue if someone uploaded a non image by mistake)

All is fine on my end, I just wanted you to be aware that Photostream needs the extension to be case sensitive and this causes a problem because files uploaded from desktop are .jpg and from mobile are .JPG. I wasn’t sure if this was intentional on your part and it caused at least one other user problems.

No Worries on my end, I am aware of the problem and cause.


And I will check if it is possible to overcome the upper/lower case issue :slight_smile:

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