Introducing MastoStack

Looking for an alternative to Twitter? Take a look at Mastodon. This social media platform prides itself in being free and open source. Anybody can host their own ‘instances’ of the Mastodon software - meaning that this is not a platform any one particular private individual or company owns. They call it a ‘decentralised’ social media platform.

500 character long ‘toots’, zero advertising or promoted posts and simple media-rich timelines in chronological order. Plus you’ll find user intellect is generally of a much higher standard and friendliness! What’s not to like about Mastodon? Mastodon breaths a breath of fresh air into social media…

The MastoStack makes it easy to embed your Mastodon timeline directly within your RapidWeaver website, using their official API. A popular feature Twitter once supported, before they killed it off!

You can use the MastoStack to display your most recent posts. Think of it as a primitive micro blogging service - or even an alternative to Tumblr.

Other ideas for use including an ability for you to upload snapshots directly from your phone or tablet, to display on your website. The Mastodon mobile apps like Tootdon make the process easy, from anywhere.

Lots of settings exist in MastoStack to change the language and colour scheme. Then you can make your embedded timeline blend-in with the rest of your website.

Just like Mastodon, the MastoStack is provided totally free for you to download and use. See the product page for setup instructions.

Don’t forget to follow yours truly on Mastodon!


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