Introducing the new RuleStack

Horizontal rules are a great addition to almost any website. They help divide blocks of content up into smaller blocks; which ultimately improves content clarity and overall page presentation. Unlike normal horizontal rules, our brilliant RuleStack combines lines with attractive Font Awesome Icons. Lots of customisable settings are provided; empowering you to create beautiful horizontal line artwork. Completed horizontal rules work with all newer web browsers, are retina display optimised, fully responsive and will not add extra weight to pages. Print and PDF friendly too.

See the RuleStack webpage for examples of what this stack can do and to download your copy.

If you require support for this stack or appreciate what’s been provided, please visit the contribute page to make a contribution or to use our Amazon affiliate link the next time you shop on Amazon.


Fantastic stack, Will! I really like the subtle style that it provides. Thanks!


Very slick creative idea. Another great S4S stack.