💵 Introducing the Pricing Tables Stack 💵

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Add beautiful pricing tables
With the Pricing Tables Stack you can easily embed a pricing table which compares 3 different product plans. You can add up to six different features for each column. Add links to each product so your customers can easily subscribe to one of the plans you’re offering.

Responsive and lightweight
Pricing Tables does not use any images which makes this Stack incredible fast when it comes to loading times. The Stack is also responsive, the three columns adjust their sizes to the screen dimensions of the device you’re viewing them on.

Extremely customisable
The Stack allows you customise almost everything, you can adjust the colors, the names of the individual plans, the font style and sizes, as well as the product descriptions and purchase links. You can also adjust the width sizes of the columns and their padding (space between each column).

Each columns border is animated when being hovered to indicate which column is currently being read.

The Pricing Tables Stack requires Stacks v.3.x or later and RapidWeaver v.6.x, 7.x or later. We cannot guarantee compatibility with each and every other 3rd party Stack, plugin and/or theme you’re using our Stacks in combination with. Please keep this in mind before making your purchase.

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