Is it possible to create a site like the one linked here?

I am personal trainer, who also uses kettlebells and its my fitness niche. Is it possible to build a site like this one, but try to make mine better, which if anyone has any suggestions, I’d love to hear them.

  1. He has a blog, what people can reply on.
  2. A pop up which offers a free ebook for email address (sales funnel).
  3. A payment method (I have no idea where I’d start with that).

Is this possible as a learner of Rapid Weaver, or would I need someone to help me?

Would you say his build is complex?

Any advice would be great.

Many thanks.

Incredibly easy with Rapidweaver, it’s a very simple website. You would need Stacks and it would most likely be easiest to use one of the framework themes, but Rapidweaver is more than capable of producing something like the linked site.

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Take a look at

He has several themes that can create a similar site

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Many thanks,

How do you mean a framework theme? As in Foundations.

Thanks, what ones would create something like that from the link that you sent?


He does mean Foundation, I tend to call these themes Freeform themes, as there are a few not based on actual frameworks (Blueball Design’s Freestack Theme to name one). I would agree that this site could easily be done with Foundation or any of the other freeform themes out there.

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